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How much of life are you wasting watching TV?

There’s no doubt about it, watching TV can be very addictive. With the advent of cable TV, and Dish Satellite Television it’s just so easy to pick up the remote control, turn the Television on, and watch from a selection of hundreds of channels that are available instantly.

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As with any other addiction, even when we know that we are watching way too much TV, before we know it we are watching television again. Have you ever asked yourself:

“ How much time is television stealing from me “?
“ How valuable is all the time wasted on TV worth to me “?
“ Admit to yourself that I cannot stop watching television “ !

Who’s life do you want to live? Your life or other people’s life.

Just imagine, how many people will have memories from their life that are really just memories from television shows? Not their own memories. It is estimated that by the age of 80, a person spends at least 11 years watching television. 11 years worth of memories that were really not their own. Are those 11 years considered Really Living Life? Do you want to be one of those people who lose that much of their life?

Fact – Watching Too Much Television Is Not Good for Your Brain

Orientation Response – Psychologists have found out that watching too much TV will make you feel tired and depressed. Watching TV may feel relaxing but in all actuality it will agitate and tire your brain.

And if that’s not bad enough, brain scans have shown that watching TV inhibits the part of your brain that’s responsible for thinking. Did you know that within 30 seconds after starting to watch television there is a crucial part of the brain that shuts down. The part of the brain that shuts down is an area that is responsible for making us “ Human “. It leaves us less human than we would be before we started watching TV.

TV is the world’s greatest hypnotist. Unlike a real hypnotist who leaves you feeling good and positive, TV hypnotizes you for its own use. Watching too much television makes us fat, lazy, and lethargic. And depending on what shows we watched when we were children can impact our lives in a negative way.

Watching too much TV can impact your family life as well as your relationships with others. Do you have your family meals in front of the television or do you eat at a table with your family? Over time, depending on what types of shows you watch can influence your behavior as well.

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Download Stop Watching So Much TV Hypnosis MP3 Instantly by Simply Clicking This Button.

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