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Start Thinking Thin -that’s how you get and slim

Use hypnosis to retrain your brain so you can begin to lose weight the natural way.

  • Are you fed up battling the unwinnable war against weight loss?
  • Would you like to know how slim people are able to think thin?

    More than likely you probably know people – and you find yourself just hating them! Seriously – how can anyone take one piece of cake from the table, or a chocolate one from the box, and leave the rest. How can people do that? Do these thin people have more willpower than the rest of us who look like this. It just seems so unfair, when you are trying so hard to lose weight and find that it is a enormous struggle.

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Here’s the thing, now naturally people who are slim actually don’t have any more willpower than you do. And it’s not because they are lucky either. A thin person thinks in a way which will lead them to make choices about food which will naturally lead to eating the right kinds of things, most of the time anyway. This is what makes people slim, and keeps them that way. They are not crash dieting.

So what kind of thinking is this, and how can you start thinking like a thin person?

The difference between those who think thin and those who do not

Can you remember what it feels like when you get totally overwhelmed by having a desire to eat something that you know deep down inside that it is that for you but it just feels so irresistible? Remember your thoughts focus on how delicious and enjoyable is going to be when you start eating it. The regret and the guilt as well as the worry about how your pounds are going on rather than coming off get brushed aside and will only come back in your mind afterwards. But by this time, it’s too late.

Now in contrast, people who are naturally slim, faced with a tempting tidbit, think about how they are going to feel after they have eaten it. And not only just after, but a long time after. In their minds eye, they are able to see how they will look, and they are able to imagine how they are going to feel ones that food has had its full impact. And they don’t like what they see or what they feel in that future scenario. So they are naturally less likely to take that tidbit.

You to can learn to think thin like this also.

Hypnosis is very effective to help you achieve your weight loss goals

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The Think Thin Hypnosis MP3 Download has been professionally annotated and edited with suggestions for rhythm, timing, and emphasis. All of the hypnosis scripts from our hypnosis download script collection have been prepared for you in Adobe Acrobat ( PDF ) format which makes them very easy to read and to print out. The Adobe Acrobat program is usually already installed on any modern Mac or PC. The Think Thin Hypnosis MP3 Download also has a corresponding Hypnosis MP3 Audio Download which can be used to help you give a more professional and effective presentation to your own clients.

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