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Almost everyone knows that hypnotherapy is one of the greatest tools to help people stop their smoking addiction, OCD – Obsessive Compulsion Disorder Behaviors, from shopping to sweets, from gambling to hair pulling.

Being a therapist you are bound to come across these kinds of problems which will pop up every now and then. Our collection of Addiction Help Advanced Hypnosis Scripts will give you everything you need so that you can address these addictions and obsessions with confidence on your clients and help them stop these kinds of behaviors. Select any Advanced Addiction Hypnosis Script listed below for more information and instant download.

Adrenaline Addiction Script

Help your clients balance their lives so they can quit being Addicted to Adrenaline. The Adrenaline Addiction Script is the perfect tool to stop your clients Addiction to Adrenaline!

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Script

Ease Alcohol Withdrawal and help your clients quit using alcohol with this advanced Hypnosis Script. Start your clients on the path to sobriety.

Caffeine Addiction Script 

The Caffeine Addiction Hypnosis Script will take away the cravings your clients have for caffeine. Add this hypnosis script to your collection today.

Cannabis Addiction Script 

The Overcome Cannabis Addiction Hypnosis Script will quickly and effectively help your clients stop the use of Cannabis! Download this hypnosis script today!

Chewing Tobacco Addiction Script

Overcome Tobacco Chewing with this powerful and effective hypnosis script. Give your clients control over their lives!

 Chocolate Addiction Script 

Give the Chocoholic hope with the very powerful Chocolate Addiction Script! Add this script to your collection today!

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Script

Use hypnosis to treat Addiction to Cocaine by using this advanced hypnotic script! Help your clients stop the cycle of cocaine abuse.

Compulsive Hand Washing Script 

The Compulsive Hand Washing Script is a must have hypnosis script to add to your library. Stop your clients OCD cycle quickly and effectively!

Compulsive Hoarding Script 

Help your clients who are hoarders with the Stop Compulsive Hoarding Hypnosis Script. Download this advanced hypnosis script and stop the hoarding.

Stop Alcohol Abuse Script 

Stop your clients drinking problems effectively by using the Stop Alcohol Abuse Script! Your clients will love you for getting their lives away from Alcohol Abuse.

Exercise Addiction Script 

Use hypnosis to Stop Addiction to Exercising. Every hypnotherapist should have this advanced script on their shelf!

Gambling Addiction Script 

No hypnosis script collection is complete without the Overcome Gambling Addiction Script. Take gambling out of your clients life.

Gaming Addiction Script 

Release your clients from being held hostage by the gaming industry with the Stop Gaming Addiction Hypnosis Script.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Script 

The Overcome Heroin Addiction Hypnosis Script will release your clients from the most difficult addiction in the world.

Internet Addiction Script 

Give your clients control over their lives again and help surfers escape from Internet Addiction!

 Kleptomania Script 

Help kleptomaniacs kick their habit with the Kleptomania Hypnosis Script. Give them back control from the clutches of kleptomania.

 Masturbation Addiction Script 

Give your clients the power to overcome the habit of masturbating. The Overcome Masturbation Addiction can be on your shelf today.

 Moderate Drinking Script 

Use the Moderate Drinking Hypnosis Script to stop the cycle of excessive drinking. Give your clients control over how much drinking they do.

 News Addiction Script 

Give help to news junkies so they can break the habit of news overload with the News Addiction Hypnosis Script.

 Obsessive Checking Script 

This advanced hypnosis script quickly help your clients stop Compulsive Checking by using the latest hypnotic techniques.

Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning Script 

Stop compulsive cleaning from ruining your clients life with the Obsessive Compulsive Cleaning Hypnosis Script. Bring Back the Good Dirt!

 OCD Treatment Script 

Help people to overcome OCD by using the latest hypnosis techniques. The Overcome OCD Hypnosis Script Is Available Now!

Party Without Alcohol Script 

How to have fun at a party without the use of alcohol can be accomplished easily with the Party without Alcohol Hypnosis Script.

 Porn Addiction Script 

How to release the grip that pornography by using the latest hypnosis techniques. Download the Overcome Pornography Addiction Hypnosis Script Today.

 Shopping Addiction Script 

Give your clients control over their shopping habits with the Shopping Addiction Hypnosis Script. Stop Compulsive Shopping Dead in Its Tracks!

 Social Networking Addiction Script 

The Social Network Addiction Hypnosis Script will help your clients stop the addictive patterns that have them constantly on the Internet.

Stay off Alcohol Script 

Help your clients stay in control of their Alcohol Consumption. The Keep Off Alcohol Hypnosis Script provides a proven hypnosis strategy and your clients will resist temptation.

 Stop Obsessive Thoughts Script 

Stop your clients from obsessive thoughts by using this highly effective hypnosis script. Make Stop Obsessive Thoughts Hypnosis Script apart of your script library.

 Tanorexia Script 

Hypnosis will help people stop the addiction of tanning. Tanorexia Hypnosis Script will help clients stay out of the tanning bed and lower their risk of cancer.

Every one of the Advanced Hypnosis Scripts has a corresponding Audio MP3. By downloading both – Hypnosis Script and Hypnosis MP3 has the added benefit of presenting your hypnosis sessions in a more effective presentation to your clients.

Each script contains:

  • all of the vital information that your clients will want to know
  • powerful but subtle reframes
  • hypnotic techniques that are indirect
  • advanced pre-talk hypnotic techniques
  • build rapport with a pre-session induction

These hypnosis scripts are all structured in order to show the rhythm and timing. Also the embedded commands are all highlighted for and easier presentation to your clients.


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