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Listen to Your Impulses and Stop Impulse Buying

Back in the times before there were even stores, what did our prehistoric ancestors do? Did the caveman impulse buy? How about in the Renaissance era? Did they write their horses to the shops and started buying everything they liked?

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Or is impulse buying a totally new behavior? Did it start in the 20th century? Whether it’s old or new, it’s becoming very clear that buying things on an impulse can become a habit. Impulse buying is not considered a good habit to have. It can cause a lot of trouble and once you have this habit it’s very hard to stop.

It’s strange that we call impulse buying a habit. How can it be that something you do on a whim or impulse can be a habit? Another funny thing, isn’t one of the joys of life doing something on impulse? It would certainly would be a boring life if we only did things that we took time, made a plan, and then acted on that plan on everything we do. When we respond to an impulse, it can bring us joy, new adventures, and make life exciting. It can take us out of our humdrum everyday living, only if we know how to use an impulse properly.

Impulses Can Lead Us Down a Dark Road

Face it, we really don’t understand very much about our impulses. We feel an urgency, and anxiety, a dissatisfaction so we go about trying to find something to make it better. In our society we’re constantly surrounded by a want of material goods as well as being inundated with constant messages telling us that we can only be satisfied if we buy certain goods and services. So it’s not very surprising that our impulses drive us to the shopping malls. And what do we do when we get there?

When Our Impulses Fail to Satisfy Us

When we get to the stores, everything we want is spread out before us, well lit and at arm’s reach. Our feeling of urgency starts to increase and we start buying what ever it is that we think we want or need. At that moment it feels good and satisfying! However, when we get all of our stuff home, we look at it in the next day or the next week, we start feeling dissatisfaction.

Now what do we do with that feeling of dissatisfaction? We head straight to the stores again. The little jingles of the advertisers play over and over in our heads. Spend your money! It’ll make you feel so much better! Buy it now! You’ve got to have it! You need it! What a deal!

But you don’t feel better! What’s going on here?

What’s happened is is that we have lost touch with the natural human purpose of our impulse. When we get the feelings listed above such as dissatisfaction, and irritations there is really something that we do need. But instead of trying to figure out what we need, we allow ourselves to be seduced and raped by the advertising companies who have pounded in our heads that they have the answer to everything we need.

So, this means that we almost hardly ever satisfy Our Real Need. And because we’re not satisfied those feelings rise up again and we find ourselves in impulse buying. We then find ourselves in a vicious circle, we’ve gotten into a habit, and we don’t have any idea how to escape from it. Sure, we’ve got lots of stuff that we would be better off without it.

Hypnosis Can Stop the Hold That Impulse Buying Has on You

Impulse Buying is an unconscious behavior. It’s very difficult to directly address it. The most common advice that anyone is going to give you is: Just Say No! However, this doesn’t work with the psychological and underlying factors that cause this behavior. Your will power just may not be strong enough to deal with it.

With hypnosis, you work on the unconscious mind. Hypnosis makes it much easier to make the changes to your unconscious patterns. Stop Impulse Buying Hypnosis MP3 Download is an audio hypnosis session with powerful suggestions and positive affirmations that is going to help you gain your control back from that impulse buying habit that’s been controlling you.

Download Stop Impulse Buying Hypnosis MP3 Download And Give Yourself a Truly Healing Hand.

Download Stop Impulse Buying Hypnosis MP3 Instantly by Simply Clicking This Button.

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