How to Deal with the Guilt Tripper

Dealing with The Guilt Tripper Hypnosis MP3 Download

Dealing with The Guilt Tripper Hypnosis MP3 Download

The Guilt Tripper – The Secret Of Dealing With Them

Have you ever wondered how ‘guilt trippers’ are able to know which buttons to push? Some people are just born with the ability to emotionally manipulate others. If you find yourself with a emotional button pusher in your life, you need to have your defenses up and running.

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How Does Guilt Work?

You can be manipulated or controlled with guilt because you’re probably a decent person. You have a conscience. If you didn’t have a conscience, there wouldn’t be any guilt to manipulate you with. Also it’s possible that you have been conditioned earlier in life to feel guilty or responsible for somebody else’s emotions or actions.

Perhaps other people have made you feel responsible for something you didn’t do: ‘ You’re the one who made me do this!’ or ‘ After everything I’ve done for you, how can you treat me like this?’ and ‘ Oh okay, I’ll do it even though I don’t feel very good’ and the list goes on and on.

Guilt trippers have learned how to be a martyr, constantly reminding you what they’ve done for you and they also know exactly what to do to make you feel bad in order to get what they want.

Using Guilt Is a Form of Bullying

Make no mistake about it, even though this manipulative behavior may not seem very aggressive, it is! The use of emotional blackmail of a guilt tripper is a tool they use to gain control over you. Even though they’re not threatening or yelling, their behavior is specifically designed to dominate you. That’s why it’s a form of bullying!

When the Guilt Tripper manipulates you by making you feel guilty ( even if it’s just by giving you a certain look ) then they are able to make you a part of their agenda – you simply turn into a tool to get what they want. You are treated as an object, and the ends justifies the means.

The Drama Queens

Guilt Trippers in their basic form are drama queens. They’ll use statements such as ‘ You’ll be really sorry when I’m gone’ or ‘ When I’m dead and gone at least you won’t have to worry about me anymore!’

Guilt Trippers have the Me Syndrome! Me, me, me! Guilt tripping is a behavior that is selfish. This selfish behavior is used over and over for their own gain. They will never let you forget what they’ve done or how they have suffered for others. Guilt Trippers certainly may have had real hardships in their life. It’s just that they use them to manipulate others. You may find yourself actually making excuses for them.

Just imagine how much easier your life is going to be when you are no longer manipulated! No longer will you be manipulated into feeling and doing things that you don’t really want to. This powerful hypnosis download is going to set you free from the Guilt Tripper! Even after listening the first time, your unconscious mind will be retrained so that you will be able to make your own decisions for the right reasons.

Download Dealing with The Guilt Tripper Hypnosis MP3 Download And Give Yourself The Chance to Enjoy Your Life Without Being Manipulated.

Download Dealing with The Guilt Tripper MP3 Instantly by Simply Clicking This Button.

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