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Stop Being a Perfectionist and Enjoy Relaxing More Than You Ever Have

It’s perfectly normal to have high standards set for yourself as well for others. Up to a point that is! In the long-run being a perfectionist is not a good strategy to have in your life. You’re probably well aware about the anxiety and stress that it causes. Perfectionism can strain your relationships and possibly cause depression.

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It’s possible to still have determination, drive, and ambition without traumatizing yourself as well as cause conflict with others because of your absolutist view on perfectionism.

Perfectionism Drains the Enjoyment from Your Achievements

Think about it, if you have perfectionist expectations about yourself then you are probably going to constantly have a feeling of dissatisfaction. You may even feel like a failure even when other people tell you you’ve been a great job. Perfectionists can sometimes become a control freak. Because of your expectations of other people you may feel disappointed and let down by others.

It’s no wonder that being a perfectionist has a link to clinical depression. This personality trait of being a perfectionist is often found in people who suffer from depression.

In Life – There Is No Perfect!

When you have the mindset that if it’s not absolutely perfect then it’s a failure attitude towards life this is known as black-and-white thinking. When you have this type of thinking there are no shades of gray. Life is composed with shades of gray. If you expect everything to be perfect then you’re going to end up always disappointed and let down. Your self-esteem will suffer as well.

This audio hypnosis MP3 download will train your unconscious mind to know when to be all or nothing. When you start to relax you’ll be able to see the shades of gray that have been missing in your life. You’ll be able to give yourself credit for attempts and efforts that you make. This hypnosis session has been produced by professional hypnotherapists trained in treating perfectionism. All you need to do is put on your headphones, load it on your MP3 player, listen on your computer, or burn it to a CD. Then simply relax and listen. Even after the first relaxing listen you’ll find yourself not seeing everything as black-and-white. The shades of gray will start entering the way you think.

Download Stop Perfectionism Hypnosis MP3 And Start Getting Satisfaction from Your Life

Download Stop Perfectionism Hypnosis MP3 Instantly by Simply Clicking This Button.

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