Overcome a Troubled Childhood Hypnosis Script

Help Your Clients Move on from the Past by Using the Overcome a Troubled Childhood Hypnosis Script

An Indirect, Metaphorical hypnosis script to get rid of unhelpful thoughts as well as habits which have been picked up during childhood

The effects of going through a troubled childhood can last well into a person’s adult life, having an impact on their relationships, which causes insecurity, and presents a person with a insurmountable obstacle to happiness. But the person’s brain has the ability to change as well as adapt means that there is always hope for clients who have been struggling to move on from their painful past.

The pre-talk in this hypnosis script gives your client reassurance that it is possible to move on from the emotional pain of a troubled childhood. It offers an ex-one nation for why anxiety and fear is allowed to follow us from childhood well into adult life and emphasizes the importance of meeting our primal emotional needs.

The hypnosis script has an extended induction that helps clients relax deeply, has embedded suggestions will create a sense of total tranquility. Also, imagery is used to represent the flow of time and will help your clients put distance between their current reality and events in the past.

During the trancework, analogy helps the client understand that every person’s upbringing is different, and we can learn something from each situation. A gentle relaxing story starts the healing process and the client is offered reassurance to their younger self. Embedded suggestions help them find an inter-release, as childlike freedom as well as adult wisdom have been integrated into the client subconscious.

Through future pacing, your client begins to break free of negative conditioning and those limiting beliefs about themselves. Embedded suggestions will encourage them to leave them far behind those unhelpful habits and to meet their human needs so that they can continue to go towards a positive future.

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