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  • Where has my life gone?
  • There’s so much left that I haven’t done yet!
  • My life is just passing me by!
  • I’m certainly not as young as I used to be.
  • I won’t be around forever.… So what’s the use?

Does any of this have a familiar sound?


These thoughts, as we get to middle age begin to plague us. They are quite common so they have been given their very own name: Midlife Crisis

When a person goes through a midlife crisis they often yearn to have that feeling of the youth again and not ‘middle aged‘, ‘stuck in a rut’ or ‘going nowhere fast‘. We are living in a time where everything seems to be age oriented and the ‘ cult of being young ‘has never been so wanted. Often people have the feeling that they have not lived up to their expectations. Or perhaps they may be conscious of the social pressure that tells them ‘by now I should be rich… be married… Traveled around the world… Have the house and kids…’ and so forth.

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The term Midlife Crisis was coined in 1965 by Elliott Jaques stating a time when adults start to realize their mortality and how much time they have left in their life. Midlife crisis is an experience that many people have once they realize that their life is more than halfway over. Having a death of the parent, menopause, andropause, being unemployed, being underemployed, hating their jobs, and other causes of grief can start a person spiraling downwards into A Midlife Crisis.

The Overcome Midlife Crisis Hypnosis MP3 Download addresses all of the feelings and anxiety of all of the rising panic which is associated with these kind of thoughts.

A midlife crisis is actually a signal that goes off in your mind telling you that something needs to be changed in your perspective or in your life. Being dissatisfied can be the very first step to begin life enhancement and start positive change. Being bored, disillusionment, and the awareness that we only have a limited time here on earth and these are powerful motivators for us to begin seizing the moment and start to live our lives more satisfyingly and more productively.

For most people they view a mid-life crisis is just a harmless event which goes on in the middle of a man’s life. Maybe he’ll go out and buy a real expensive sports car, wears a toupee or hair implants, but other than that it usually doesn’t progress more than that. The fact of the matter is that this can be a whole family crisis, not to mention traumatic for the children in the family. There are many men who are having a mid-life crisis began to get depressed. Usually the depression comes from the goals that they thought they would have in their life were not achieved. The most common symptom of the mid-life crisis is yearning for those youthful days and the loves they had in the past. Notes quite natural to look back on these kind of the dance with fondness, it isn’t healthy to allow these thoughts to overcome a relationship they are currently in. The men that are going through a mid-life crisis are usually encouraged to start making plans for the future and start focusing on all the wonderful things that they still have to offer. Many times these individuals can find solace by being around other men their age or through a peer group.

Female Mid-Life Crisis – it’s not only men…

Most people believe that a midlife crisis is only a male condition. However their are actually very many women who also suffer from midlife crisis. It usually starts in their 40’s and 50’s with just about the exact same symptoms and feelings. The latest studies say there are as many as 10% of all individuals who are going through midlife crisis involve women. This number may not seem large but remember that the condition was only thought to be happening to only men. And this was only in the late 1930’s.

Women who are going through their mid-life crisis can exhibit some of these symptoms:

  • Depression
  • Lack of communication with their spouse
  • Dissatisfied with their
  • Exhibit impulsive behavior
  • Infidelity

This is just a small list of symptoms which women may exhibit.

What’s the Difference between Male and Female Mid-Life Crisis?

  • Women Live Longer – it’s a fact that women live longer now than they ever have before. Which boils down to a woman in her late 40’s can be looking for another 50 years of living. Some lemon well become depressed as well is anxious thinking and wondering what will they be doing for the rest of their life.
  • Empty Nest Syndrome – women will sometimes go into a mid-life crisis once their children have all grown up and have left the house. Since this is quite a jolt to their system, for most, they are confused about their future because they have been playing the role of motherhood for so long.
  • New Responsibilities – women can begin to suffer from mid-life crisis more than ever now, ironically, they have been given the same equality and responsibility as men do. Women who are in a high level at their workplace can lead to the same dissatisfying experience that men have.

Overcome Midlife Crisis confronts these issues and will get you feeling more optimistic, relaxed, and energetic about your future. This hypnosis session contains powerful hypnotic suggestions, positive affirmations, and guided visualizations which will have you getting over a midlife crisis quickly and easily. This hypnosis session has been carefully crafted by our team of four experienced hypnotherapists so you know you are getting the very best of self hypnosis available anywhere. With more than 250,000 downloads, we are the largest hypnosis provider in the world!

Download Overcome Midlife Crisis Hypnosis MP3 Download and Start Feeling Excited About Your Life Once Again

 Click This Button To Download Overcome Midlife Crisis Hypnosis MP3 And Start  Feeling Excited About Your Life Once Again.

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