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The majority of people that have a lip biting problem will tell you they don’t even know they’re doing it until it’s too late. When you unconsciously bite your lips they can become swollen, torn, and sore. This in turn causes a vicious cycle. Your lips will look horrible. They will be sore. And when the bottom lip is bitten over and over your teeth will start to move abnormally. This can actually prevent the front teeth from getting together the way they should. After a period of time orthodontic problems start to occur. You may start doing real damage to the teeth and your face.

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The real problem is you don’t even know you’re doing it.


It’s done unconsciously. And this is why hypnosis can stop the habit of lip biting so effectively. Since hypnosis works with habits that are not consciously controlled. Some people that bite their lips may wait for years before they decide to seek help from dentists, dermatologists, psychiatrists, and plastic surgeons. Not to mention the money that is paid for medication and dental appliances such as mouth guards.

So why does it feel good when I bite my lips?

Lip biting can be triggered by boredom, stress, tension, and a whole host of other mental and subconscious activities. Lip biting like any other behavior strangely enough can feel satisfying after a period of time. Even though it’s painful people will still bite their lips. Most people don’t even realize how destructive and damaging lip biting is to the facial tissue and teeth. If you even remotely suspect you have a lip biting problem now is the time to act!

This hypnosis session was designed specifically to help you stop lip biting. We guarantee 100% after listening a few times your lip biting days will come to an end. With powerful hypnotic suggestions, you’ll stop biting your lips because the session changes your unconscious behavior. The beauty is you won’t even notice it. You’ll just stop!

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Download Cure Lip Biting Hypnosis MP3 Instantly by Simply Clicking This Button.

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