Be a Leader Hypnosis Script

Help Your Clients Gain the Attitude of Natural Leaders With The Be a Leader Hypnosis Script

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This advanced hypnosis script will instill leadership qualities which will help make your clients a leader and not a follower!

  • If your clients were not born with leadership qualities, where are they going to get them? 
  • Is it possible for your clients to actually ‘learn’ to be a leader?

Studies of  leaders have shown that they share many characteristics, and these characteristics can be acquired if your clients are willing to learn them.

No matter what the situation your clients find themselves in, feeling like a leader and knowing how to lead is absolutely vital to give them the confidence that other people will believe in. So when your clients are called upon to demonstrate their leadership skills, the leadership hypnosis script will give them those skills which they can use instantly without consciously thinking about it.

The Be a Leader Hypnosis Script contains pre-talk that is devoted to discussing the characteristics and concept of leadership and also highlights the main qualities which reveals the real leaders. This also sets the stage for the hypnotic induction, which will subtly lead your client into a wonderful experience. By using metaphors, your client lives through a personal inner transformation that will heighten their awareness.

This script has a personally chosen model of leadership which is been used as a template. Once this is done your client will hypnotically rehearse precise qualities of leadership that they require. It then becomes absolutely natural to begin to breathe and live leadership.

Download The Be a Leader Hypnosis Script And Help Your Clients Naturally Live and Breathe Leadership!

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Subtle, metaphor packed indirect hypnosis scripts, with pre-hypnosis chat, created by professional hypnotherapy experts. As with all of our downloads, The Be a Leader  uses the very latest hypnotic techniques and advanced indirect hypnotic language. This hypnosis script can also be used to learn hypnosis, or for use with your own clientele. With over 800 hypnosis scripts to choose from, we make it possible for you to help your clients with just about every type of problems they may be experiencing.

The Be a Leader Hypnosis Script has been professionally annotated and edited with suggestions for rhythm, timing, and emphasis. The Be a Leader Hypnosis Script has been prepared in Adobe Acrobat ( PDF ) format which makes them very easy to read and to print out. The Adobe Acrobat program is usually already installed on any modern Mac or PC. The Be a Leader Hypnosis Script has a corresponding Hypnosis MP3 Audio Download which can be used to help you give a more professional and more effective presentation to your clients.

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