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Conquer Kleptomania with the Power of Hypnosis

Kleptomania is a huge problem for millions of people!

Having a compulsive need to steal something usually doesn’t have anything to do with actually needing the item. However it does have everything to do with you trying to fill in a gap that you have in your life. Kleptomania used as a solution to deal with personal problems does not work – it just makes everything worse.

Perhaps kleptomania has gotten you into some trouble or you are worrying that it is going to send. Loss of dignity, professional security, your job, and your freedom can be a result from getting caught stealing things in stores.

Kleptomania Is Quite Different from Shoplifting

Kleptomania – the compulsive need to steal – is quite different from shoplifting. Generally when a person shoplifts it’s usually a well planned action and is usually carried out in order to provide goods for personal or family use as well as the monetary gain. On the other hand, kleptomania is impulsive and compulsive! This means that it can feel like you’re taken by surprise and there’s no way you can resist it. Sometimes it may even be the kleptomaniac is more attracted to steal things if they are likely to be caught. Kleptomania is similar to OCD obsessive compulsive disorder and is classified as a psychological condition.

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Kleptomania Symptoms

The symptoms of kleptomania include:

  1. Repeatedly giving in to the impulse to steal things that are not needed for their monetary value or for personal use
  2. Increasing tension just before the theft you experience
  3. Just after stealing you feel a gratification, pleasure or relief

Repeatedly giving in to the impulse to steal things that are not needed for their monetary value or for personal useIncreasing tension just before the theft you experience. Just after stealing a person feels some sort of a gratification, pleasure or relief

Your Emotional Needs Are Being Met the Wrong Way

All of us do things in our life in order to meet our own emotional needs. If you are not getting the essential needs, for example intimacy, recognition, and attention then you may unconsciously try to meet your needs by stealing things. This usually is at the root of your kleptomania. This powerful hypnotic session is going to help you be very conscious and aware of your emotional needs and will motivate you to meet them in ways that are healthy.

Kleptomania Will Steal from You

The real irony with kleptomania is that it actually steals from you. It steals your integrity, self respect, dignity, and your time. It can even steal your freedom along with your livelihood as well as respect from other people. Kleptomania is just like a leech that feeds from your resources. It will steal from you all the while seeming to offer relief from all difficulties you are having in life.

Hypnosis Is a Powerful Tool Which Can Help You Conquer Kleptomania

Because kleptomania usually relies on a person’s negative trance state in order for it to hold itself in place, we can now actually use hypnosis in order to break the bonds that kleptomania has over you. This carefully crafted session with its powerful hypnotic suggestions, positive affirmations, and guided visualizations is going to train your mind to break free of the trance of theft and will give you back your freedom from kleptomania from now on. This download has been carefully crafted by our team of for experienced hypnotherapists. This means you will be getting the very best self hypnosis available.

Download Conquer Kleptomania Hypnosis MP3 Download Now and Start Getting Your Control Back

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