Overcome Gag Reflex Hypnosis Script

Help Your Clients Overcome Gagging With The Gag Reflex Hypnosis Script

Even though gagging is a essential and important physical defense mechanism, that prevents all of us from swallowing any potentially dangerous and harmful material, gagging excessively can make a person’s life absolutely miserable. Even little things such as brushing your teeth, eating an apple, and even sexual activities can make you physically uncomfortable and can stop you from completing actions.

The triggering of a person’s gag reflex can be caused by many different things. But there is Good News! Using hypnosis is the perfect tool to help a person retrain the gagging physical mechanism.

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The Gag Reflex Hypnosis Script has been carefully crafted by our team of four hypnotherapist trainers specifically written to help your clients who are finding that their gag reflex starts kicking in much too often for their comfort and your clients want to be able to have more control over it.

The pre-talk in this hypnosis script explains to your clients all of the essential facts about gagging, and how the gag reflex actions work, which seems to be out of our control. The pre-talk also explains that in fact, the gag reflex can be modified. They will also receive some very useful tactics to use while retraining is also explained. The scripts induction is used to seed further suggestions for control over the gag reflex, while leading your clients into very deep relaxation, which is a prerequisite for deep change work. Direct suggestions have been stacked by using a simple yet powerful metaphor that allows your client to change their behavior. The script uses hypnotic rehearsals so that controlling the gag reflex becomes second nature to them.

Hypnosis Is the Perfect Tool to Help Your Clients Control the Gag Reflex

This hypnosis script with its extended induction makes sure that your client enters into a trance state deeply and easily. This counteracts the anxiety that is caused by worrying about them gagging. The script also enables your client to master quickly and easily the technique of stopping the gagging responses and putting in more helpful responses. Also, the hypnotic rehearsal contained in this script makes sure that the lessons your clients learn will be firmly embedded so it will feel ‘natural’ to be free of the gagging reflex.

You can also download the Control the Gag Reflex As an MP3 Download. By Listening to the MP3 Download, will help you give a better hypnosis presentation to your clients. Amazingly the Control the Gag Reflex Hypnosis Script is one of our more popular downloads. All of our hypnosis scripts use modern and advanced indirect hypnotic language and can even be used to help you learn hypnosis.

Every script contains pre-hypnotherapy chat, often laden with hypnotic reframes and therapeutic suggestions which is then followed by the hypnosis script itself. As with all of our scripts, the Control the Gag Reflex Script has been professionally annotated and edited with suggestions for rhythm, timing, and emphasis on making your hypnosis session professional and effective. Our scripts have all been prepared in the Adobe Acrobat ( PDF ) format which makes it easy to read and easy to print. Adobe Acrobat is usually already installed on every modern Mac or PC and is easily recognized when you open the file.

You will often find yourself explaining to the 1st time clients the difference between clinical hypnotherapy and what they think of what they’ve heard or read of hypnosis. The first time clients usually think of hypnosis from their experience of stage hypnosis or what they have seen on television. All of our scripts follow the principle that hypnosis provides the easiest and most effective way for a person to access the optimum brain state for effective and powerful psychological changes.

Download The Overcome Gag Reflex Hypnosis Script Today and Start Helping Your Clients Stop Their Unwanted Gagging

Download Overcome Gag Reflex Hypnosis Script By Clicking This Button


The Overcome Gag Reflex Hypnosis Can Also Be Downloaded As an Audio MP3 Hypnosis Session. Listening to the audio session will help you give a better presentation to your clients. You can download the The Overcome Gag Reflex Hypnosis MP3 from here.

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