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Not being able to control your gag reflex can affect your life in many ways.

Not being able to control your Gag Reflex can give you feelings of panic, anxiety, loss of control, and the list goes on.

Your gag reflex is a normal bodily function. It’s a contraction in the back of your throat that stops objects from entering except for normal swallowing.

If you happen to touch the soft palate in the back of your throat you’ll find out you get a natural response. You will start gagging! It’s natures defense mechanism to keep you from choking. The gag reflex is essential. Face it, It Keeps You from Choking To Death!

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However you may have had a traumatic experience in the past or anxiety that starts to interfere with everyday life. Going to the dentist, wearing dentures, or even eating out may cause you to start gagging. Taking your medication to brushing your teeth. You feel the loss of control. You may even panic. All due to natures defense mechanism. People are all different with their sensitivities. Believe it or not for a lot of people losing control of the gag reflex happens at a very young age. Losing control of your gag reflex can sometimes be so intense that people are compelled to seek medical advice. They believe it’s actually a physical problem instead of a mental problem. Some people won’t even leave the house because of the anxiety that they may start gagging in front of their friends, family, strangers, or in public places. It’s very hard for people that don’t suffer from gag reflex to understand how traumatic it can be. The feeling of gagging can seem unbearable at times. Losing control of the gag reflex can actually feel like it’s destroying your life.

Hypnosis has long been used to treat the gag reflex.

A process of retraining your mind. And it is absolutely possible to train yourself to stop the gag reflex. Have you ever been to a circus or a Carnival? Have you ever wondered how the sword swallowers are able to do what they do? They’ve trained their minds to resist gagging. Hypnosis is a excellent way to control the automatic gag responses. These responses are actually done with your subconscious mind.

Another reason people want to control your gag reflex besides gagging while they brush their teeth, taking medication, going to the dentist, dentures, or eating out, is sexual in nature. To some people it’s very important to please their partner orally. Only to give up because of the gag reflex. Without help, trying to stop a gag reflex during oral sex may be impossible. And this is certainly something most people won’t seek help for. Can you imagine making a doctors visit because you can’t satisfy your partner orally? This hypnosis session will play on your MP3 player, computer, or CD. Just put on your headphones or earbuds and simply listen. In the privacy of your own home you can overcome the gag reflex!

Should I Go to the Doctor to Control My Gag Reflex?

If you were a fly on the wall in a doctor’s office, you might hear the patient say things like:

“Doctor, I really have a major problem with gagging in my daily life. Eating, drinking, even talking will make it feel like I’m choking on my own spit. When I try to brush my teeth I simply want to throw up.”

“Doctor, I keep suffering from gagging attacks. Sometimes I’ll start to dry heave, choke, and cough. And it’s usually not accompanied by nausea. This just mostly on its own. Gagging is causing a lot of anxiety in my life. When I feel its star to come on, I get very nervous and worried and I feel like I’m having a panic attack. My symptoms seem to be limited but very intense. And I just don’t seem to be able to stop it.”

“Doctor, my throat gets really dry and it feels like it’s closing, so sometimes I end up dry heaving. And I really don’t believe it’s from allergies or anxiety. This constant gagging is destroying my life. After gagging I feel a little bit better, but I worry constantly that might be something serious. I’m even considering surgery. But for now, I’m just living with it.”

“Doctor, this constant gagging is driving me crazy. I’ve searched everywhere for answers. Sometimes I worry that it might be asthma even though I know deep down in my heart that it’s not. It’s greatly affected my life and the people around me. It’s getting to the point I don’t want to do anything that I usually do because of the constant gagging.”

“Doctor, my gagging feeling usually comes on when I’m about to do something stressful for something social. I’ll feel it in my throat and the more I think about it the worse it gets. It’s a vicious cycle. When I give in to it and go ahead and gag, nothing comes out and I will feel a little bit better for a short period of time, but then I begin to worry about it coming on again and sure enough, the gagging comes back. It’s to the point where I am constantly worrying about it. This gagging affects all aspects of my life.”

“Doctor, my boyfriend and I enjoy being romantic and sexual with each other. He enjoys giving and getting oral sex. I also enjoy getting it however I am unable to give it to him. Every time I’d try I’ll start to gag. People have told me to breathe into my nose and out through my mouth, and I have had advice from everyone I know. But nothing and I mean absolutely nothing will keep me from gagging while I’m trying to perform oral sex on my boyfriend.”

The Control Your Gag Reflex Hypnosis MP3 Download has been specifically designed to focus on retraining your gag reflex so you can have control over it. After listening to this hypnosis session you’re going to feel in control! Never again will you have to resort to home remedies that usually don’t work. This hypnosis session is guaranteed 100% to get your gagging reflex under control. The fear of gagging will go way. For those of you who fear just about every situation such as going in cars, trains, shopping, sleeping, and dining out this hypnotic MP3 will be a godsend.

Oral Sex Gagging – A Taboo Topic!

Okay, for the majority of people this is not a topic you would want to bring up at your next doctor’s visit.

Let’s face it, for a woman or even a man to bring up the subject of gagging while performing oral sex to anyone and especially your physician is just almost out of the question. Hence another reason this Control Your Gag Reflex Hypnosis MP3 Download Session is absolutely perfect for those people who want to please their partner.

Oral sex is a wonderful experience. No matter if you are receiving or giving. However if you are the one giving, the gag reflex can make it dissatisfying or even impossible. If you want to be able to perform oral sex on your partner without worrying about gagging using hypnosis is your best bet. You can easily train your subconscious to help you relax and get rid of the fear of gagging.

If you search the Internet on this subject you’ll find thousands and thousands of the same answer: Practice! While it’s true that practice does help, preparing your mind before practicing is a must. That is why before you even attempt practicing, you need to download the Control Your Gag Reflex Hypnosis MP3 Audio Session. You’ll be totally amazed after listening how much better you’ll feel physically and mentally.

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Stop wasting time and start having a better sex life now.

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