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Relax with Your Partner and Overcome the Fear of Sex

An advanced hypnosis audio session to help you quickly and easily conquer sex related anxieties

  • Do you ever find yourself stressing out and tensing up when things begin to get too intimate?
  • Does the fear of sex as well has sexual intimacy starting to damage your relationship?

In a perfect world, we would meet someone that we ‘ hit it off with ‘, start to know them, get close, and then transition naturally and easily into intimacy and eventually sexual intimacy. And progress of course would be mutually considerate – and a whole lot of fun! Intimacy and sex between two people that are attracted to each other and enjoy themselves is at the top of life’s greatest pleasures. It also supports good physical health and mental health as well.

Why the Fear of Sex Is So Prevalent

The reality we all face more often than not is different. We human beings are sexual beings and our sexual relationships make up part of our instincts. But, our quest for sex usually takes place in a social environment that has a large – and sometimes far away from beneficial – influence on our experience of sexual matters.

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Of course we all have some differences, but generally human groups or societies agree that there are certain ‘rules’ we have about sexual conduct. If we break the ‘rules’ or we fall short of our ‘expected’ standards can make a person quite fearful of having sexual intimacy in the future.

The  ‘ rules ‘ are able to influence us in a variety of ways. Many cultures believe that sexual behavior is controlled by religious teachings. And these ‘rules’ are seemingly believed to be fixed, and any transgressions are considered shameful, or they do not apply to people that have power. Also we have the ‘rules’ of sexual performance which has been embedded in our minds from the media, in which individuals are made to suffer anguish because of their perceived ignorance or inadequacy.

These rules can make it difficult to negotiate this delicate piece of our being. In other words, if I do not act like a porn star then I am a ” prude “?

Trauma – The Fear of Sex May Be Rooted Here

The physical or psychological fear of sexual intercourse or sexual relations is called Genophobia. In general Genophobia can induce fear and panic in individuals, which mimics a panic attack. People who suffer from Genophobia can be affected intensely by attempting sexual contact or just the mere thought of it. In the extreme, it can lead to trouble in romantic relationships and may make individuals stop getting involved in relationships in order to avoid any possibility of intimacy. This then leads to loneliness, embarrassment, or shame.

If in the past you have been treated badly, even if the ‘rules’ are considered to be okay, it is quite understandable that you may now dread any intimate situations. Even events in our lives such as trying to get pregnant, childbirth, or death of a partner can be taking over the sexual desires you have and leaving you afraid of sexual intimacy. Some of the causes of Genophobia can be many different reasons. Some of these include incidents of sexual assaults, abuse, molestation, incest, rape, and other pre-existing fears. Another possible cause of Genophobia is having the feeling of intense shame for medical reasons.

Since we are sexual beings, this is the reason that we ‘risk’ sexual encounters, and we seek naturally sexual gratification, even though at this very moment, this may seem unlikely and ‘not yourself ‘. Right now the problem is that the fear outweighs the ‘risk’, and we need to confront this in order for us to begin enjoying sexual intimacy and let it become an enjoyable and regular part of our lives.

The Overcome Fear of Sex Hypnosis MP3 Download is an advanced audio hypnosis MP3 session which has been carefully crafted by our team of psychologists who have a wide range of experience dealing in sexual problems. This download has been specifically developed to help individuals overcome their worries and anxieties of sex. This hypnosis session contains powerful hypnotic suggestions, positive affirmations, and guided visualizations to help you quickly and easily overcome your fear of sex. With our team of four experienced hypnotherapists and over 250,000 downloads you can rest assured that you are getting the very best self hypnosis available anywhere. We are the worlds largest hypnosis provider hands down!

As you listen and relax to your download you will notice that you:

  • begin to rediscover just how wonderfully enjoyable sex can be
  • you will begin to notice in general the lessening of sexual anxiety
  • you’ll stop becoming automatically fearful ones intimacy begins or increases
  • start to establish a whole different sense of what is right for you
  • you start enjoying the build up of intimacy so much more
  • you’ll start feeling closer to and much more connected to your partner

Download Overcome Fear of Sex and Reclaim Your Right To Be Connected Fully

Download Overcome Fear of Sex Instantly by Simply Clicking This Button.

Download Overcome Fear of Sex Hypnosis Script By Clicking This Button

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