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The fear of rejection can come from many places.

You could’ve been rejected as a child, feeling abandoned, or feeling unloved. The fear of rejection also comes from constantly being rejected by other people. The bottom line is, no matter where the feeling of rejection comes froms it can cause real problems in your life. The fear of rejection is an unrelenting fear.

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This fear does not discriminate! Men and women, old and young alike can all fall victim to this hideous fear. As stated earlier the fear rejection can cause some serious problems. Fear of rejection can make a person clingy, make them jealous in relationships, as well as being obsessive. You can drive other people away by becoming too serious to soon.

The fear of rejection can cause you to reject other people in order for you not to be rejected by them. As with many fears a vicious cycle occurs. It’s a very damaging emotion. It’s also a behavior that can ruin relationships with others and completely take the enjoyment out of life. This fear can stop you from trying to start new relationships because it creates so much anxiety that you are going to be rejected.

A strange anomaly with the fear of rejection is people will often start spending a lot of time trying to find evidence that they are actually being rejected. The fear of rejection plays tricks with your mind.

For example:

Your spouse is talking to someone else, innocently chatting can be construed as a signal that they are about to leave you.

Not hearing from a friend can instantly turn into feelings of anger and anxiety because you assume that they don’t want to be your friend anymore as well as they don’t want to have anything to do with you.

Understanding the Fear of Rejection – The Most Important Thing You Can Do

By nature most people dwell on negative thoughts for a short time and then move on. For people that suffer from the fear of rejection however it becomes harder to stop dwelling on negative thoughts. The more you dwell on rejection the harder it is to muster up the courage to face another situation because you think you’ll get rejected again. Often people that have the fear of rejection also tend to be shy and have low self-esteem. They may be emotionally sensitive as well. Others report that they have had an abusive childhood.

The way that you act when you have the Fear of Rejection is not the thoughts but rather the way that you feel about something. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for getting rid of The Fear of Rejection. It retrains your unconscious mind to more or less weed out the fear of rejection. After listening to this hypnosis session you’re going to find yourself interacting well with others. You’ll find yourself starting to make new friends even though some may reject you every now and then. With your unconscious mind retrained, any rejection that you encounter will simply roll right off of you. You’ll no longer fear rejection. Anyone or anything that rejects you will not be painful at all.

Download Stop The Fear Of Rejection Hypnosis MP3 And Start to Enjoy Freedom From This Fear

Download Stop The Fear Of Rejection Hypnosis MP3 Instantly by Simply Clicking This Button.

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