Cure Facial Tics Hypnosis Script

Help Facial Tic Sufferers with the Stop Facial Tics Hypnosis Script

Almost everyone will experience occasionally an uncontrollable tic or twitching in their eyelids, lips, or cheeks. These muscular spasms usually are harmless, and they will just fade away in a short time.

However, in some cases a person will develop a pattern of twitching, which is known as a tic. These tics can range from a very slight and almost unnoticeable to very strong and quite obvious. Tics usually are intermittent, and can be brought on usually by stress and anxiety.

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Facial Tics can be embarrassing and annoying – but there is hope!

The Cure Facial Tics Hypnosis Script from our script collection has been carefully crafted by our team of four hypnotherapist trainers to help your clients who are experiencing facial tics to learn how to be able to relax their facial muscles and will let them regain their control over this unconscious behavior.

The pre-talk contained in this script explains to your client the role that the unconscious mind plays in facial tics, and why using hypnosis can help them be free of tics.

Relaxation is mandatory for managing these muscle spasms, and the induction will take your client through three levels of relaxation, far away from the conscious control of the mind.

Once the dreaming mind has been activated, metaphorical images have been carefully stacked in order to set new templates for your clients response to stress and anxiety. Control is actually put in the hands of the client. The hypnotic rehearsal in this powerful script will allow the client to experience control in those situations that would have previously have caused the tic. This will allow them to start to enjoy living their life tic free immediately!

The Cure Facial Tics Hypnosis Script uses subtle, metaphor packed indirect hypnosis techniques, with pre-hypnosis chat. This script uses advanced, indirect hypnotic language and can also be used to help you learn hypnosis.

Download the Cure Facial Tics Hypnosis Script and Make This a Permanent Part of Your Script Collection Now!

Download Cure Facial Tics Hypnosis Script By Clicking This Button

You can also download Cure Facial Tics as an Hypnosis MP3 Download which will allow you to give a much better presentation.


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