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With the Power of Your Mind Cure Delayed Ejaculation

Okay, you know the routine : Your partner has just climaxed and now the pressure’s on! The pressure is on you to ” Finish “.

Now some delay in ejaculating is just fine. But now that the clock is ticking away and the sun is starting to come up. Minute after minute……. and nothing yet! Men who suffer from premature ejaculation or impotence have a hard time understanding the problem of not being able to ejaculate with their partner.

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When men are unable to ejaculate during intercourse or during any other sexual activity they ‘ can just call it quits ‘. Giving up in frustration! The feelings of frustration, irritation, and embarrassment may discourage you from having sex PERIOD! Delayed Ejaculation is actually a very serious problem for quite a few men. Now most men have delayed ejaculation every now and then. But when it becomes predictable, It’s Time to Get Some Help!

Your partner may start to feel that somehow or another you just don’t find them sexy or attractive enough. Or if you’re married, the wife may think you’ve lost interest in her. She may start to feel unattractive and not sexy to you anymore. Thus the vicious cycle begins. Each time delayed ejaculation occurs more the anxiety builds. After a while, intercourse ends the same way! Frustrated – Embarrassed! A man can only take so much and then he quits or gives up altogether.

Delayed Ejaculation Causes

It’s important that you know what is causing delayed orgasm. You need to know if it is a physical problem. Certain physical problems can cause delayed ejaculation such as diabetes, high blood pressure, medications, or allergies. There is several medications that are commonly used that can cause delayed ejaculation. Antidepressants and pain medication are two of the most commonly known medications that cause this problem. These medications not only can cause delayed ejaculation but can also give you the inability to achieve an orgasm. If you suspect that your medication is causing the problem you need to consult with your doctor to find out which medication can be substituted. Also men that have had prostate surgery may have a hard time as well.

If Delayed Ejaculation isn’t physical

There can be a whole array of factors that contribute to delayed ejaculation. Worries are a very common source. You may have conscious or unconscious worries. Some of these include pregnancy, religious conditioning, and issues with intimacy. Maybe you’re trying too hard? When you start to focus too hard on trying, this can definitely get in the way of having an orgasm. When you’re totally focusing on your partner’s pleasure it may interfere with yours.

Hypnosis is one of the most preferred method of treating Delayed Ejaculation. Hypnosis influences the mind as well as the body. This powerful hypnosis session is guaranteed 100% to stop your delayed ejaculation. Just imagine how you’re going to feel when you can delay an orgasm for as long or as little as you want. Being able to control your climax is going to let you enjoy sex to the utmost.

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Download Overcome Cure Delayed Ejaculation / Orgasm Hypnosis MP3 Instantly by Simply Clicking This Button.

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