Stop Crying at Work – For Women Hypnosis MP3 File Download

Women! Stop Crying at Work.

Of course you know you’re not supposed to cry at work however there are times when you are overcome with feelings, you just can’t stop yourself from crying.

Do you ever find yourself unexpectedly crying when you really did not want to have happen at a particular time?

Download Stop Crying at Work - For Women Hypnosis MP3 File Download by Simply Clicking This Button.

How about in front of your colleagues at work or even with your boss? Perhaps when you feel that you have been criticized, overwhelmed, getting angry quick, always feeling misunderstood, or perhaps even when you have been actually complimented!

Women usually cry more than men do and it has become more and more acceptable in the Western cultures for a woman to cry in public.

Men usually cry through sadness. Women cry for many other feelings such as anger, frustration and relief.

This is due because a woman’s brain is actually more ‘wired‘ to cry or many more emotions then she is more likely to start crying at work. This can be baffling to her male colleagues.

In all actuality there really is nothing wrong with crying. When you cry on the right occasions it can act just like a stress relieve valve and also it will send out the signal to other people: ‘I’m very vulnerable so can you please take care of me – don’t attack!’

By having access to our emotional life can make us much better to be able to be empathetic and to understand other people but if we don’t have very much control over our emotions, we then be, like a horse that has no writer and the carriage is going unpredictably in all directions.

Most of the people in a work environment usually would understand if crying started after some kind of tragic or major traumatic event such as an unexpected death if a person’s personal life has circumstances which may make it overwhelmingly difficult.

But when a person starts crying out of nowhere or randomly then it is seen by others as being weak and unprofessional. It can also be seen as distracting, incapable, or even being manipulative.

Crying in the work place is seen as inappropriate and can have some adverse effects on your professional image and career making it seem that you are inapt, overemotional, or unable to logically think and in general incompetent.

Both male and female bosses usually view crying at work is a red flag and a sign of being unprofessional and that the person is really not up for the job.

Having the tears run down your face displaying vulnerability at work may seem to show others that you are unable to deal with difficult situations and possibly you should not be working in areas that have responsibility.

Crying will undermine your work image and may even prevent you from getting a promotion or considered for a new position in the company. It’s just like anger management sessions, they teach us how to respond in a more productive way to the frustration in our lives to become a much more mature person so to can using crying management help us to discover alternative responses to the old responses and triggers which made you cry.

Just think how it’s going to feel when you start to become more confident with your own emotional management. You will be able to meet confrontation had on and any other obstacle without shedding a tear because you will feel calmer and better in those times!

Stop Crying at Work – For Women Hypnosis MP3 File Download is an advanced audio hypnosis session which contains powerful hypnotic suggestions, guided visualizations, and positive affirmations to help you program yourself with a greater sense of a totally relaxed overview of you dance in situations and encourages you to hypnotically rehearse all of those tricky times where you may have lost it and started crying. You are much stronger than you think you are, and you can control crying with the help of this powerful hypnosis MP3 download!

Download Stop Crying at Work – For Women Hypnosis MP3 File Download And Start Being the Professional You Need to Be

Download Stop Crying at Work - For Women Hypnosis MP3 File Download by Simply Clicking This Button.

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