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Start Controlling Your Emotions So You Can Let Them Help You

  • Have you ever gotten bent out of shape about something and then said or have done something that you really regretted later?
  • Did you ever ask yourself why you got bent out of shape?
  • Did you ever wonder why you didn’t have any control over your emotions?
  • Are you noticing that getting worked up is more likely to occur with a few kinds of emotions?
  • Such as jealousy or anger?
  • Do you find yourself worrying about the frequency in which your emotions take over and go out of control?

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Emotional Control – Understanding Your Emotions

Everyone has emotions. Emotions are actually chemical signals that are fired off by your nervous system. They are activated in response to the situation that you’re in. Emotions let you know what you’re feeling about certain things. Whether you’re happy, sad, angry, excited, or jealous. No matter what it is your emotions don’t lie. Your emotions are instant and instinctive. They are responses of your body to the world around you. Your emotions are always truthful but they’re not always right.

The Purpose of Emotions – The Evolution of Emotions and How They Keep You Safe

Have you ever wondered why we humans have evolved with emotional responses? Basically it’s the flow of chemicals that runs through your body. These chemicals are triggered by situations and events that are around you. Once these chemicals are triggered they get you to do something. Whether right or wrong it simply a built-in defense mechanism that everyone has within them.

Your basic survival depends on you being able to assess and respond to a threat that you perceive. If your life is threatened, you need to fight for either run away. This is our most basic emotional human response. It’s called fight or flight. This mechanism of fight or flight produces a jolt of adrenaline around your body. Your heart rate increases, your digestion stops, and your palms start to sweat. Even though it’s very uncomfortable, it is very effective. In the right circumstance that is!

Having Too Much Emotions Can Impair Your Judgment

When your emotions are aroused, their goal is to get you into action. Which is a good thing. However, it can also be a bad thing as well. If you’re emotional arousal goes past a certain point, it can stop you from thinking straight.

If you find yourself in a crisis, the chemicals released identifies a threat which in turn triggers an emotional response. It cuts off part of your brain that is responsible for thinking rational. Once this is cut off you operate on a strictly emotional state. Once you’re in this emotional state of mind you begin to see everything in black and white. There are no shades of gray. It’s an all or nothing attitude. Once you’re in this state then your mind precedes everything you do as Right! Anyone that attempts to persuade you different is totally cut out and ignored. No matter what they say or what they do they will get absolutely nowhere when you are in this emotional state of mind. Does this sound at all familiar to you?

Why Emotions Rule The Neo Cortex

First of all the neo cortex is the part of your brain that is responsible for thinking rational. It’s actually a recent development in the human evolution. The driver of emotional responses called the amygdale is much older. Whenever you are in a crisis the amygdale will cut off the neo cortex which in turn makes you operate on a truly emotional level. Once the neo cortex is cut off tunnel vision starts to occur.

Download Control Your Emotions Hypnosis MP3 Instantly by Simply Clicking This Button.

It’s a mystery why our defense mechanism shuts down our thinking capability in a crisis situation. Especially when we need it the most! However, primitive life used this mechanism in life or death situations. Thinking about things wouldn’t be very useful. An instant and snap decision is what’s called for in a crisis.

Primitive Emotional Responses – They’re Not Up To Modern Times

So after reading this and you start to wonder what is the matter with your amygdale, not to worry. No one is threatening you right now are they? Your amygdale is working just as it should be. The thing is, the modern world in which we live in is making the amygdale somewhat out of date. There may not be a prehistoric Raptor ready to eat you, but if you’re boss is about to drag you in the office to chew you out you may start to feel like you’re prehistoric ancestors did. Seeing the raptor about to pounce.

What is happening is you’re amygdale is responding to the threat. Because it’s a primitive mechanism, it cannot distinguish between one type of threat from another threat. All it knows is a threat is a threat. However to distinguish threats, and being able to respond to the threat appropriately, you need to make use of your neo cortex. Remember, the neo cortex has reasoning powers.

So how in the world do you stop your neo cortex from being put out of control by emotion?

The Neo Cortex – How To Put It in Control

A valuable part of the human being is their emotions. Emotions actually enrich our lives tremendously. Without emotions, we would be more like a robot instead of the human. However, emotions can get out of hand unless we learn how to control them.

At first glance it’s a mystery. Why does our built-in defense mechanism shut down rational thinking in a crisis? Especially when we need it the most. As the primitive life or death mechanism has evolved in this modern era, the primitive emotions that are triggered don’t seem very useful nowadays. What is actually needed is a snap decision proceeded by instantaneous actions that are rational and not emotional. When your brain perceives a threat to your life it shuts down valuable functions such as thinking, digestion, immune system, appetite, and sex drive.

The Control Your Emotions Hypnosis MP3 Download is the fastest and easiest way to calm down all kinds of emotions. This hypnosis download is going to allow you to master your emotions using the art of deep relaxation. With deep relaxation you are going to be able to automatically reduce your emotional arousal.

This audio hypnosis MP3 download will give you everything you need to become the master of your emotional drive. All the while giving you the energy and capability you need to take action when a threat arises. You are going to be able to determine the appropriate response without consciously thinking about it. This session is going to provide a template for you to use in a crisis or a challenge.

Download Control Your Emotions Hypnosis MP3 And Be in Control Of Your Emotions

Download Control Your Emotions Hypnosis MP3 Instantly by Simply Clicking This Button.

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