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This is the largest library and also the best hypnosis MP3 files anywhere on the Internet! Each download below has been painstakingly created by highly trained psychologists. Every downloadable hypnosis MP3 is different from site to site. But we work extra hard to ensure that our psychology is research supported and sensible.

These sessions have been created by 4 very experienced therapy brains who have worked on every download. A lot of hard work goes into creating these downloads and we consider it a work of art. Formed in 1995 these experienced hypnotherapist trainers have actually trained over 24,000 people since then, face-to-face events. With over 250,000 hypnosis MP3 downloads We Are The Largest Hypnosis Provider in the World! And over 600,000 people have taken the e-mail courses since 2000 when the business was launched.

The Internet is smothered with websites who offer hypnosis products and services which have not been created by experienced professionals, nor are they currently research-based practices. Some of the downloads you get are limited or of no use, while others can actually harm you.

We work within strict ethical guidelines to make sure that every program will meet the highest of professional standards, based all on the current knowledge and research. We use our knowledge of what hypnosis is good for in order to guide the topics that we address.

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